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Name:       Steph Croxford

Birthday:   10th Feb

Home town:    Matlock

Age started riding, and name of first horse:    24, Gallow

Favourite Horse:    Mr President / Mr Hyde

Proudest horsey moment:   Olympia 2006,  first World Cup class and kur

Best day of your life:     There are many...the day I met my future Hubby, the birth of my 2 children, Annabelle & Ben & finally the day I met and bought Mr P.    

Current Horse/s :    Mr Hyde / Mr Benn (Competing), Mr President (Retired), Sherlock (A yearling)

Greatest Achievement:   Training 2 unconventional horses that cost £2,500 (Mr P) and £4,000 (Mr H) and who were bred for driving, (Hackney x Dutch WB) to International Grand Prix from 3 year olds.

Hopes for the future:   To continue enjoying riding International Grand Prix, both at home and abroad.

Dates of any future shows you can be seen at:        National Championships 2016

Which Sue Carson Saddles do you use?           Sue Carson Grand Prix Saddle

Favourite Sue Carson Saddle product:    My saddle & my lovely patent bridle.

Sue Carson Saddles is extremely proud to support Steph Croxford, here is her profile... I'm sure you will agree Steph is a remarkable person with some remarkable horses!