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At Sue Carson Saddles we guide you through the whole process. It starts with a friendly, no obligation chat to discuss what your requirements are. We can then arrange an on site visit with one of our trained distributors.

An initial saddle fitting lasts 3 hrs, ensuring your horse is fully assessed and any veterinary and training issues discussed. Where required we will also work with your Physio,trainer and/or team.

Your fitter will measure your horse and assess it’s way of going, all of which will have an impact on your choice of saddle.

They will then move onto you! You will have the chance to see and ride on our range of saddles. Each saddle can be as individual as the rider on it! You can pick the seat that suits you and combine it with the flaps of your choice and the blocks you prefer, made in the leather you choose, in the colour(s) that you want.

Sue Carson Saddle Fitting

The combined requirements of you and your horse are used to create your own unique saddle.

Our fitters are located throughout the UK, are regularly trained to an exceptional standard and are affiliated riders, instructors and judges themselves, giving them a real understanding of both you and your horses needs. They will provide expert advice where required and can provide ongoing support.

We  then go away and make YOUR saddle. Your saddle is manufactured in Walsall using a wealth of knowledge and experience and top quality materials.

When the saddle arrives, your fitter then re-visits you to fit your saddle. Again they will take the time to ensure that the saddle fits you and your horse and you are both happy!

We never just send you a box!

Flair Or Flock?

As with all Sue Carson saddles you have a choice!

Through gait analysis we have shown that with the flair system we can increase the flexion of the hind leg and by putting in the lateral correction where needed we get a more even flexion of the hind leg. 

In simple terms:

What this will give is a greater engagement of the hind leg giving you a better score from the dressage judges. More movement and freedom through the shoulder which is great for lateral work and in jumping terms gives you a cleaner jump.

Flair saddles are also more easily adjusted as your horse changes shape.

Traditional flocked saddles are also available for those who would prefer them.