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Korrector The Air Saddle Pad.

Korrector is the revolutionary new saddle pad which using air and foam technology, can be adjusted by the rider to give full day to day control of the fit of their saddle on one or more horses.

Once adjusted Korrector does not need to be altered unless the horse changes shape or you wish to use it with another saddle or on a different horse - adjustments take a couple of minutes and are done with the rider mounted.


horse accessories

The White Sue Carson Saddles Embroidered Saddle Cloth is manufactured from high quality cotton and designed with competition in mind. Slim fitting for an excellent fit under all well adjusted saddles. This stylish saddle cloth is very popular across all disciplines, and available in a range of sizes and styles.

    •Made in a good quality box quilt

    •Well cut with good depth of panel

    •Lightweight, hardwearing and very versatile

    •An ideal competition saddle pad

    •Machine washable


Sue Carson Saddles Embroidered Saddle Cloth