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Portable Hot Horse LPG Shower

This lightweight tankless water heater is an ideal unit for portable uses. It connects to any standard garden hose and LPG (propane) gas bottle. Perfect for equestrian and outdoor leisure.

•6 litres per minute of hot water

•Outdoor portability

•Standard EU fittings

•No pilot light

•Adjustable water temperature

•Requires 1.4-5.5 bar water Pressure

•Inc.hose and regulator to connect to standard LPG gas bottle

•For outdoor use only

£197 with 6m hose and multi jet spray gun

£287 with trolley - standard upright trolley

We Reserve the Right to Alter the Specification and Prices of all products Supplied WITHOUT prior notice

plus £20 delivery


horse accessories

We also have an optional trolley upgrade for just an extra £87.00

The features of this amazing new trolley design:

- It is easy to wheel across mud and uneven surfaces,

- has a low centre of gravity

- wide 3 point ground contact gives great stability

- takes cylinders up to 18kg without any need for adaption (they all

just drop in the cradle)

- is very compact for transport.

To upgrade your trolley just click here.....