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The H girth

Help to stabilise saddles which have a tendency to slip forwards on some horses. Most sizes in black & brown are usually kept in stock, unlisted sizes take two weeks as they are made to order.

Please note - the D-ring attachments do not come on the standard H-girth, they need to be ordered as an extra, as such they incur an additional charge. Please call the office for cost and availability of this option.


Tixerant Girth

Designed by Eric Le Tixerant, this girth takes equine comfort to a whole different level. It has an elasticised panel in the centre allowing the horse's ribs to expand and contract without restriction when breathing. The panel is shaped to reduce pinching of the skin behind the horse's elbows and is lined with a natural non-slip alveolar rubber to prevent the saddle from slipping. The rest of the girth is made from soft, durable, gently padded leather. Suitable for all types and levels of competition.

Manufacturers information....

“In cooperation with a major medical textile company in France, this girth was developed to allow freedom of movement for the horse, while keeping the saddle in place. A special patented material sewn into the middle of the girth expands, giving comfort to the horse, easier breathing and movement for the chest area. Scientific studies have proven that a tightened girth inhibits optimum performance of a horse. Specifically, a rigid girthing affects the respiratory function and compresses the muscles, thereby reducing the blood flow and supply of oxygen. This can result in contractures, spasms, impaired action, reduced power, uneven gaits, defense reactions and refusals. The solution is a girth designed to move with the horse. The Tixerant Comfort Girth is radical in its simplicity, incorporating a wide centre section of a technical material made by Gibaud (a medical textile company) the girth offers a high capacity for elongation, allowing your horses’ ribs to expand and contract without any restriction. This unique elastic panel also covers a much larger area of your horses belly than usual to reduce pressure and virtually eliminate the risk of pinching. Yet, despite the elasticity, it keeps the saddle in place more effectively than a standard girth, due to an integrated non-slip pad on the inside, positioned over the sternum to keep the saddle centralized and fully secure.” 


Tixerant Stud Guard £120


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