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FMBs Therapy Systems

Sue Carson Saddles will only work with products that we fully believe in and endorse!

Please feel free to ask us about FMBs Therapy Systems.

Top quality and innovative equine therapy systems including magnetic and massage rugs, leg wraps, lasers and water treadmills.

FMBs are distributors of leading equine therapy brands Activo-Med - pulsed electromagnetic and massage rugs, leg wraps, lasers and water treadmills/spas; Mounty - massage rollers and cool press boots; Frio Cryotherapy; Equisox - compression socks for horses PLUS FilmMe - the leading automatic video recording system with instant playback.

Equipment may be purchased, hired or hire-purchased. 2nd hand equipment and upgrades also available.

Click here to view their website FMBs Therapy Systems

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