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Bridles and Browbands

Comfort bridle - This revolutionary design incorporates all the features that Sue has found, as a rider and trainer to be beneficial to the horse.

Bridles can be made to measure to suit your horses sizing and your preferred colour combinations, call our office for more details.

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•A anatomically shaped padded headpiece helps reduce poll pressure and resistance.

•The sliphead of the noseband threads over the headpiece reducing pinching and in turn, poll pressure and head tilting.

•A longer headpiece between the ears so the browband does not pinch.

•Shorter cheek pieces means the buckles are at eye level, available in two standard lengths.

•Buckles on both ends of the throatlash for maximum adjustability.

•Rings on the crank noseband instead of squares to prevent rubbing on the face.

•Buckles are on both sides of the noseband.

•The flash fixing is concealed inside the noseband so that the noseband does not slide down interfering with the horse's breathing. The noseband can then be used as a cavesson noseband without the flash attachment showing.

•Easily adapted to a double bridle by sliding the slip head over the top for reduced poll pressure. Alternatively, thread it underneath should the horse be strong and need some poll pressure.

•Choice of reins available.

•Made in England from top quality leather.

•Available in Cob and Full Size.

•Choice of black or brown with padding colour of black, brown, white, gold, silver or tan (i.e: black with white piping, brown with tan piping). Patent option black only or black & silver. Standard or Narrow. Narrow comes with a 3/4” noseband & Browband.

Black Patent Snaffle Bridle without reins

Flash attachment included £230

Black Patent Double Bridle without reins £260

Pictured here with one of our beautiful browbands

Snaffle Bridle without reins £180

Double Bridle without reins £210

horse accessories

Crystal Browband Collection

Our New Browband Collection comes in pony, cob & full size and can also be made to measure.

As they are made to order they take 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Any colours, combinations, shape and width available please contact us to discuss and order your own colours and design.

The image shown is just an example of the range of options available.

Some designs are held in stock

Crystal browbands from £45

Please call 01629 540343

Stunning Rolled Double Bridle without reins £690

Pictured here with one of our beautiful crystal browbands - an absolute touch of luxury!

Please call 01629 540343 to order

Roland Tong and his Grand Prix horse Rybrook Ambience looking stunning in a Sue Carson Saddles Rolled bridle and Grand Prix Saddle










Contoured Headpiece

Our headpieces are perfectly contoured and designed to give the ultimate fit and comfort for your horse.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about any of our products

Please call 01629 540343