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Harmony Eggbutt Full Lozenge

Featuring the same type of mouthpiece as the Harmony loosering, the bit is stable in the horses mouth which encourages a stiller more confident contact.


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Bits - 'Chosen by Sue' range

Our beautiful range of highly polished super smooth, anatomical bits have been specially chosen by Sue.

The range covers Young horses up to advanced horses and all the quirky ones in between.

For special bitting advice from Sue please feel free to call and discuss your requirements

Please call 01629 540343 for bit availability and advice

Harmony Loose Ring Full Lozenge

Designed to be gentle and comfortable. The mouthpiece is slim, curved and has a smooth central lozenge. It is ideal as a Bradoon with the Weymouth, it is a mobile bit and does not encourage leaning


Response Loose Ring Flat Lozenge

As the Harmony but with a flat sided lozenge which encourages the horse to be a little lighter and more responsive to the riders aids.

A good combination with the Weymouth if you would like the horse to have a lighter feel than the Harmony.


Harmony D Ring Full Lozenge

The mouthpiece is the same as the Harmony loosering but this bit offers the D-ring shape, this encourages..


Definition Weymouth Medium Port

This bit has a slim curved mouthpiece with a more defined shape in the centre.

Used on horses that have confidence in double bits and need a little more response and self carriage


Finesse Fixed Weymouth

A Weymouth that has longer levers and a slim curved mouthpiece.

This bit helps to lift, flex and lighten the more established horse, to help bring a more advanced way of going.

Also has a choice of 12mm or 14mm mouthpiece



Available in 5", 5.25", 5.5", 5.75", also available in pony sizes, 4.25", 4.5" and 4.75" with smaller rings and a slimmer mouthpiece.

Weymouth Bits

Available in 5", 5.25" and 5.5"

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